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We specialize in producing live concert videos, music videos, and other promotional material using our skills, expertise, and first rate equipment which includes Advanced HD video cameras Canon HD XA10 and Zoom H4n Digital Audio Recorder. Several of our music videos have been aired on major music TV stations and screened at international film festivals. We film concerts using 2 cameras which register superb image quality and then we edit each song in a creative way into a full-length concert video. We have been in the business for a decade (previously based in NYC and Vancouver) making a trusted name for ourselves by providing expert services to musicians and labels from around the world. We have worked with the winners of MTV Europe Music Awards, BRIT AWARDS, and World Music Awards. Some of our collaborators include metal, jazz, and punk festivals. Most notably we have worked with punk rock precursors SHAM 69 and industrial legends VNV Nation and Laibach; we’ve filmed an MTV Unplugged show for reggae artist Gentleman featuring Ky-Mani Marley, as well as a live studio session for a Los Angeles band Family of the Year whose song “Hero” was featured in an Oscar winning film “Boyhood”.


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